LND Akkoma

it got so warm at 3pm I just went to bed to sleep over the heat

the attic life really is a 10/10 moment

@pixel Sure is right. Really great, would do it again. Though as long as I open the window in the morning And then close the blinds almost fully, I get acceptable temps. Still warm, but manageable. It is though I bit dark in my room

@stefan that's what I'm already doing

in combination of running a water/ice-cooled fan, but that was barely able to keep up today with almost 37⁰C today

@pixel I was fine without a fan thanks to a well-isolated house.

I wish you all the best of luck to stay cool. Working tomorrow will be fun blobcatdead I have an office-job but I work in a real old building. So no climate anywhere and pretty badly isolated.

I was lounging around today doing nearly nothing. How is one supposed to work in this climate.

At least I can wear short clothes and we at least have a water dispenser at work. blobfoxsweating A great day awaits.